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Diabetes Partner Helps You Take Control of Your Diabetes

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The key to achieving wellness is to manage your diabetes data, use it to discover relationships between your actions and their effects, and to follow healthier practices and achieve targets recommended by your care provider. Get your Premium Diabetes Partner Account free for 60 days to see how you can use it in your daily diabetes management. No credit card necessary.

Quickly download your diabetes device data from a selection of the most popular devices (blood glucose meters and insulin pumps), then view it in color-coded, easily understood charts.

Collect and track your blood glucose levels to discover trends, compare with nutritional intake and exercise information to help your care provider and you make healthier decisions together.

Share your reports securely via the cloud with your clinicians. A growing number of over 1,100 clinics use our clinical software that syncs with Diabetes Partner. If your clinic isn't connected yet, let us know!

Summary Reports + Graphs Make

Diabetes Data Easy to Understand + Share

Keeping track of the large amounts of data that your diabetes device collects can be overwhelming. Diabetes Partner makes it simple by turning that data into easy-to-read charts and summary reports that help guide your choices and improve communications with your care team.

Diabetes Partner reports show when blood glucose levels are above, below or on target, and track medication and diet.
Add tags and comments about factors, such as stress or exercise, that may have affected your blood glucose levels, and print the health analysis reports for evaluation by your care providers - or send them to care providers who use our clinical application.

Is Your Clinic Connected?

Over 1,100 clinics use our clinical software with a direct patient portal for Diabetes Partner data from their patients. Ask your clinic about direct download from Diabetes Partner. If they aren't yet connected, send us their information and we'll contact them. Your email address will enable us to provide you with support and product update information.

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Innovative Diabetes Care Created by a Diabetic Who Cares

In 1993 NuMedics founder, Kazi Ahmed M.B.A., was diagnosed with diabetes. Realizing he could improve his health practices by measuring and tracking his blood glucose levels and medications, he created Diabetes Partner, pioneering the collection of data from a wide variety of diabetes meters and turning it into easily visualized reports that patients and clinicians could use to create better health outcomes.

Together with CliniProWeb and OmniPodPartner, NuMedics' clinical software that works in sync with Diabetes Partner, this app service completes the care communication loop between patients and their care teams. NuMedics currently serves a growing market of over 1,100 clinics, which in turn care for tens of thousands of patients across the U.S. NuMedics' deep experience and continuing innovation ensure that Diabetes Partner and CliniProWeb remain leading applicatons today.

Supporting better patient health through diabetes data management - that's what NuMedics is all about.

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